MG Gouf Space-type WIP 6

Here's an overall view of the Gouf as it is now.

MG Gouf Space-type WIP 5

Started working on the packpack. I made a mount plate out of pla-plate that uses the existing pegs and holes. I used a sharpie to mark the pegs and pressed the plaplate against it to mark where to drill, and where to cut the edges. I'll add magnets to make the connection stronger.

RG Zaku and MG Gouf Space-type Progress

Heres some progress I've made on the RG Zaku. Got some armor painted and decaled. Gonna clear coat this, then remove the armor to paint the frame.

MG Gouf Space-type WIP 3

Wheeee!!! More progress on the Gouf. The shoulders are almost done, just need to add mounts for the thrusters. The feet are almost done, just need to finish the soles. Knees are done. Thighs are almost done, just need to mount the thrusters. Just need to start on the second calf thruster cowling, and the backpack. I still haven't decided on a design for the backpack, or weither I'm gonna change the lower arms.

MG Gouf Space-type WIP 2

Been working on this again, kinda slow though.


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